Jose Baez Asks Cindy Anthony, Did You Smell That Smell You Smelled?

25 Sep

This article will concentrate on a series of smell related questions posed by Jose Baez to Cindy Anthony during a hearing held on July 15, 2010.  The questions begin about 6 minutes and 38 seconds into the following video.

Jose Baez: “And it was also your understanding and your feeling that law enforcement did not believe that was… that Caylee was alive?”

Cindy Anthony: “Correct”.

Jose Baez: “Or at least was not acting as such?”

Cindy Anthony: “Correct”.

Jose Baez: “And when you made these statements to law enforcement, that you had smelled a… a dead body or you had experience to that effect that was because you wanted them to see… to know that the smell that you smelled was different than that of a dead body?”

Cindy  Anthony: “Yes, I guess”

Jose Baez: “And because of this… and while you were telling them this it’s because you wanted them to keep searching for a live Caylee?

Cindy Anthony: “Correct.”

Jose Baez: “And you’re clear about that?”

Cindy Anthony: “Oh, absolutely.  I… I… I still think Caylee’s alive.”

“And it was also your understanding and your feeling” – Mr. Baez asks Mrs. Anthony for her “understanding” and “feeling”, but not for fact.  This is what Mrs. Anthony thought, not what was real.  This testimony being based on thought and not fact is sensitive as seen by the double reference in “understanding” and “feeling” to internal thought processes.

“that” – Mr. Baez distances himself from what he is about to assert.

“law enforcement did not believe that was…” – Mr. Baez is not able to tell us what “law enforcement did not believe”, but it was sensitive as seen by second use of “that”.

“that Caylee was alive” – Although not his original intent, “Caylee was alive” is now what law enforcement did not believe.  Caylee being alive is an uncomfortable thought for Mr. Baez as he distances himself with the third use of “that”.  Mr. Baez has also gone to great lengths to avoid saying law enforcement believed Caylee was dead.  Mr. Baez does not tell us what law enforcement believed, only what they did not believe.  Someone was telling law enforcement Caylee was alive and they were not believing it.

“Or at least was not acting as such?” – Mr. Baez receives an affirmative answer, yet poses the question again, but changes it slightly.  The question was already about the unverifiable “understanding” and “feeling” of Mrs. Anthony about what law enforcement “believed”, another unverifiable.  Now Mr. Baez makes the question even more irrelevant by introducing another unverifiable in the form of how law enforcement “was not acting”.  Not how law enforcement “was” “acting”, but how they were not.  Mrs. Anthony is being asked to answer a question about how she felt and understood law enforcement did not believe based upon how they did not act.  Law enforcement “was not acting”, or they were not playing around.  Law enforcement was serious.

“”Correct”.” – Mrs. Anthony affirms she understood and felt law enforcement did not believe Caylee was alive based upon actions they did not take.

“And when you made these statements to law enforcement” – We do not now “when” this is because Mrs. Anthony made many statements to law enforcement.  Sometime after Mrs. Anthony understood and felt the non-beliefs of law enforcement based on how they did not act.

“that you had smelled a… a dead body” – Mr. Baez struggles to say “a dead body”.  “that” distances Mr. Baez from the smelling of a… a dead body.

“you had experience to that effect” – Mr. Baez inserts doubt the smell was a dead body or even a smell at all.  The smell is now an “experience”.  The “effect” is the smell of a dead body.  Something happened to Mrs. Anthony that caused her to have exactly the same experience as smelling a dead body.  Mrs. Anthony may have been playing the new Wii game, Smell the Dead Body in the Trunk Olympic Edition.

“that was because” – “that” is our signpost of distancing and discomfort.  The “because” may not be the “because” after all.

“you wanted them to see…” – Mrs. Anthony wanted law enforcement “to see” something, but we do not know what because Mr. Baez stops himself for verbalizing and changes to the next phrase.  She wanted them to “see” something about the smell.

“to know” – Not “to see”, but “to know”.

“that” – More distancing, more discomfort.  We should doubt the next phrase.

“the smell that you smelled” – More sensitivity and discomfort with another “that”.  This whole section of the question is fraught with verbal indicators of deception.

“was different than that of a dead body” – Another “that” and we all know what “that” means.  But let’s try to summarize this anyway.

Mr. Baez is asking Mrs. Anthony if, at the time she made statements to law enforcement about smelling a dead body in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, Mrs. Anthony said she smelled a dead body because she desired to communicate the smell was not a dead body at all, it was different.

Mrs. Anthony, did you say the smell was a dead body because the smell was something else  and you wanted to make that crystal clear?”

“Yes, I guess” – Mrs. Anthony is not sure if “yes” is her answer, she guesses.  Most likely, Mr. Baez is not even sure what he asked, let alone Mrs. Anthony.

“And because of this…” – Because Mrs. Anthony said the smell was a dead body but really meant the smell was another smell or not a smell, but an experience…

“and while you were telling them this” – This is the same time that was established in the previous question as “when you made these statements to law enforcement”.  What she told them is close to Mr. Baez as seen with “this”, the smell was a dead body.

“it’s because you wanted them to keep searching for a live Caylee?” – Mrs. Anthony told law enforcement the smell was that of a dead body for two reasons, the first being to communicate the smell was not a dead body, and the second being to encourage them to continue to look for a live Caylee.

“Correct.” – During this same hearing, Mrs. Anthony testified she stated the dead body smell to encourage the police to respond more quickly to her 911 call.  Mr. Baez has provided two additional reasons.  Mrs. Anthony agrees to all three.  The only reason Mrs. Anthony disputes she said the car smelled like a dead body had been in it is because it smelled like a dead body had been in it.

“And you’re clear about that?” – Mr. Baez cannot possibly be clear about “that” himself after wading through the verbal wreckage of his queries.

“Oh, absolutely.  I… I… I still think Caylee’s alive.” – The question is about continuing a search for a live Caylee, but Mrs. Anthony only address her current belief “Caylee’s alive”.  She does not address the need for a continued search.

We have learned the best way to communicate a smell to another person is to describe it as something other than which it is.  If something smells like roses, state it smells like clam chowder for the purposes of clear communication to law enforcement.  Following such a course will cause law enforcement to continue to look for roses instead of breaking for a lunch of clam chowder.

Are we “clear about that”?


12 Responses to “Jose Baez Asks Cindy Anthony, Did You Smell That Smell You Smelled?”

  1. grownyoungmom September 26, 2010 at 12:43 am #

    Jose sounded like a bumbling idiot with this questioning!

  2. Jill from Western Australia September 26, 2010 at 8:06 am #

    If this was his attempt to get CA to state that she only used the “smells like a dead body” statement to get LE to come quicker then he failed…big time!

    Instead, he totally confused CA who then stated
    “Oh, absolutely. I… I… I still think Caylee’s alive.”
    She backed herself into a corner with this utterance but in true Anthony style she embellished this sufficiently to make herself look stupid.
    I suspect that in her endeavour to make both herself and KC look believable she said the first thing that came into her mind.

    I wonder if Mumbles took Bumbles behind the woodshed after this hearing was over? :mrgreen:

  3. Venice September 26, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    Listening to Baez question is quite comical yet disturbing, and Mason is teaching him all kinds of new tricks! You know…when searchers were searching for Chelsea King (who was murdered by John Gardner in San Diego, Ca.), they searched the exact area where her body was over and over and they also had dogs. They finally found her remains after the 10th search. Someone tell these Casey conspiracy believers that people, in general, make mistakes. Caylee was there the whole time.

  4. Molly September 28, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    These 2 are some kind of pair to listen to!!! I noticed throughout his whole questioning that day that he was leading her to the answers he wanted. That won’t be allowed during trial.
    By cindy saying at the end that she “still thinks Caylee is alive” negates every reason she (or baez) has presented as to why she didn’t really believe her own words about the smell or caylee still being alive (at that time). It has been proven that Caylee is no longer alive yet cindy choses to say that she is.

  5. J.H. September 28, 2010 at 3:24 pm #


  6. Peter Hyatt September 29, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    “Oh, absolutely. I… I… I still think Caylee’s alive

    The repetition (stuttering by a non-stuttering person) shows heightened sensitivity. 3 “I’s” indicates anxiety.

    Cindy’s own body is reacting to her lie. She didn’t believe Caylee was alive, nor does she know.

    The analysis here is difficult because the subject is working off audio, but has done a solid job.

    Peter Hyatt

    • bullstopper September 29, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

      Thank you for your comments.

      I often struggle with analysis of stuttering, especially when studying the comments of Jose Baez. He stutters and ummm’s and uhhh’s. Yet, sometimes, his speech is fluent and unforced. He causes me to jump to a conclusion of deception, so I find I must ignore the stutters and non-words during my first pass, concentrating solely on his words.

      Cindy, on the other hand, rarely stutters, as you have pointed out.

  7. Rosie October 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    Cindy is so full of it!

    Sure she believes Caylee is alive! *sarcastic*

    That’s why she wears Caylee’s ashes around her neck & got a tattoo to memorialize Caylee….

    These people are so crazy!

  8. sandra October 26, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    why did prosecution not object to his leading the witness. he more or less made a statement,thee answer to the question, and she just said right or correct.he more or less just stated this is what happened and she just sys yes.(staged before they ever entered court). my own attorney tied to do this with me in a visitation case didnt work,cause i wasnt a seasoned liar so i said what i knew was truth when put on the stand.

    • bullstopper October 26, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

      I believe the prosecution let him lead her during the hearing so they would know the spin he would be trying during trial. Obviously, Jose plans to make an issue out of the ownership of the car. Obviously, he plans to coax testimony from Cindy stating she did not involve the police because she believed Caylee to be dead.

      Probably pretty smart of the prosecution to let Jose show all his cards now before a jury is selected, a jury who will never hear many of the points which the prosecution will block either through legal means or informed questioning.

    • Whip December 6, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

      I think they let it go because it will once again prove what liars these people are.
      How can she state something to LE, who she has never met yet, but somehow be telling them to KEEP looking for a live Caylee who they don’t even know is ‘missing’ yet?

  9. debwilkin December 5, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    amazing stuff- my new favorite website- statement analysis is ceertainly where it is at! I hope the procecution gets a copy of your work!

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