Did Cindy Anthony Ever Believe Caylee Anthony Was Missing?

7 Oct

Cindy Anthony shocked the world by dining on steak strips and crab puffs with television executives, her daughter’s defense attorney, private investigators, and her husband at a posh hotel minutes away from Suburban Drive the day her granddaughter Caylee Anthony’s remains were found after months of intensive searching.

In July 2008, Cindy Anthony called 911 to report Caylee Anthony missing.  She began regular appearances on local and national news media in what she claimed were attempts to garner support for the search for Caylee.

After her behavior the day Caylee’s body was found, many questioned if Cindy ever believed Caylee was missing at all.  After reports of Mrs. Anthony telling police investigators she had her own private investigators search the same area of woods less than a month before, rumors swirled as to how much did Cindy know about the murder of Caylee Anthony and when did she know it?

In this article, we will look at the written statement Cindy Anthony provided to police on July 15, 2008, the day she called 911 to report Caylee missing.  The document may be found at the following link.


Cindy Anthony Written Statement to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Date of Statement: 07/15/2008

Date of Offense: 06/09/2008

“3 weeks ago asked my daughter to bring (her) my car home along with my granddaughter Caylee.  She told me she was in Jacksonville for the last 2 1/2 wks.  Today we got a registered letter re: my car being in Orlando since last wk of June.  We picked up the car today at Johnson’s towing co – car was abandoned @ Amscot on E-50 x3 days then towed on 06-30-08.  When my husband and I retrieved the car I found a # for a friend of my daughter’s called her + she led me to my daughter at her boyfriend’s (house) apt.  I took my daughter and told her to take me to my granddaughter.  When I called the police she finally stated Caylee was missing.  I last saw my granddaughter Sun June 8th.  Casey for the last month has told me that Caylee has been with her.  She refused to let me speak with her because she said I would upset her.

I found Casey with her friend Tony @ his appt. around 730P.”

“3 weeks ago” – Mrs. Anthony begins her statement with a reference to a time frame.  We should note the time frame does not match the dates given as the date of offense.  The date of June 8, 2008 given as the date of offense was more than 5 weeks prior to the date of the statement.

“asked my daughter” – The missing pronoun “I” may indicate deception.  This is Mrs. Anthony’s statement, but she leaves herself out of the first statement, which concerns an action by her.  Mrs. Anthony asked.  How did she ask?  By phone, in person, through another party?  We do not know.  Who did she ask?  Her daughter, Casey Anthony.

“to bring (her) my car home” – Whose car is Mrs. Anthony asking be brought home?  Mrs. Anthony first writes the car is “her” car, Casey Anthony’s car.  Then, Mrs. Anthony strikes out the word “her”, replacing it with “my”.  Now the car belongs to Mrs. Anthony.  Where should Casey Anthony bring the car?  “Home”.  Casey Anthony had not lived at “home” for more than two weeks at the time of this alleged asking.  If she were to bring the car “home”, where would she take it?  To Mrs. Anthony’s home or to Casey Anthony’s current residence?  Casey Anthony is to “bring” the car home, not “return”.  Is Mrs. Anthony taking the car away from Casey Anthony?

“along with my granddaughter Caylee” – The order items are listed shows the importance the writer places on each item.  Most important to Mrs. Anthony is the car being brought home.  Caylee is of secondary importance.  Even though this statement is being made by Mrs. Anthony as part of the police response to her request for help in locating her missing granddaughter, the car is still more important to her than Caylee.  Mrs. Anthony made three 911 calls to obtain police assistance during which she spoke about the car repeatedly and Caylee almost not at all.  Her verbal reports mirror her written report and reiterate the old used Pontiac Sunfire which was given for free by Lee Anthony to Casey Anthony is more important to Mrs. Anthony than her granddaughter, Caylee.

“She told me” – Who told who?  Casey Anthony told Mrs. Anthony.  Was this on a phone call, in person, by smoke signal?  We do not know.

“she was in Jacksonville” – Who is in Jacksonville?  Casey Anthony?  Caylee Anthony?  We do not know.

“for the last 2 1/2 wks” – Another reference to time.  3 weeks ago, Casey Anthony told her mother Caylee had been in Jacksonville for the last 2 1/2 weeks, approximately the date of the offense.  Casey Anthony told her mother Caylee “was” in Jacksonville and gave a time frame.  Where did Casey Anthony say Caylee Anthony was at the time of the asking and telling?  It seems likely Mrs. Anthony has edited a portion of what she was “told”.

“Today” – Another time reference.  Time is of importance to Mrs. Anthony.

“we got a registered letter” – Mrs. Anthony feels the need to explain why she and her husband picked up “my” car “today” from the impound lot.  She has changed from speaking of “I” to speaking of “we”.  A letter arrived, not just any letter, a “registered” letter.  “We got” indicates the event was not within the control of Mr. or Mrs. Anthony.

“re: my car being in Orlando since last wk of June.” – More time references with “last wk of June”, which does not match the date of incident, but does match the time period Mrs. Anthony claims she “asked” and Casey Anthony “told”.  The car is now “my” car without question.

“We picked up the car today” – Mrs. Anthony continues writing for “we”, who “picked up” the car.  They did not “retrieve”.  They did not “redeem” as we  saw in a previous article Mr. Mason wrote in a court document.  They “picked up”, they cleaned up Casey Anthony’s mess.  “My car” is now “the car”.  It was Mrs. Anthony’s car until they “picked” it “up” at the tow yard.  Once they “picked up” the car, Mrs. Anthony no longer wishes to claim ownership.  Could it be the smell?  “Today” is another reference to time, increasing awareness of the sensitivity of time to Mrs. Anthony.  Caylee has been missing for more than 5 weeks and Mrs. Anthony is only now getting the police involved.

“x3 days then towed on 06-30-08” – More time references.  Time is very important, even though Mrs. Anthony waited 5+ weeks to report her granddaughter missing, time is now critical.

“When my husband and I retrieved the car” – “We” is now defined as “my husband and I”.  Now, they “retrieved”.  “The car” is no longer “my car”.  The husband is hers, but not the car.  They still have not “redeemed” the car.  Mrs. Anthony told us one sentence ago “we picked up the car” and now tells us again, indicating extreme sensitivity to claiming the car, an event which changed the car from Mrs. Anthony’s car to “the” car.

“I found a # for a friend of my daughter’s” – This event occurred “when” they retrieved the car.  But we know from other documents and statements, this did not occur until much later in the day when Cindy Anthony returned home from work.  Factually, the time frame is a lie, but the statement about finding the number is true.

“called her + she led me to my daughter at her boyfriend’s (house) apt” – Cindy Anthony utilized the number she found to contact the friend, who “led” Mrs. Anthony to the apartment of Tony Lazzaro.  Mrs. Anthony does not use the name of the friend, Amy Huizenga, or of the boyfriend, indicating she does not know the names of either the friend or the boyfriend.  Mrs. Anthony writes “house”, then crosses it out and writes “apt”.  Mrs. Anthony is not familiar with where the boyfriend lives and may not approve of her daughter dating a man who lives in an “apt” instead of a “house”.

Mrs. Anthony does not know who her daughter dates.  Mrs. Anthony does not know her daughter’s friends.  Mrs. Anthony is unaware Casey Anthony is unemployed.  Mrs. Anthony never met the babysitter or nanny.  Mrs. Anthony is not aware of the dollar amounts her daughter stole from Mrs. Anthony’s mother or herself.  Mrs. Anthony knows virtually nothing of Casey Anthony’s life outside of the Anthony home.

“I took my daughter” – Mrs. Anthony indicates she was in control of the situation, she “took my daughter”, the daughter who belongs to Mrs. Anthony.  Cindy Anthony acts, her daughter is acted upon.

“and told her to take me to my granddaughter” – Now, Mrs. Anthony turns the tables and does the telling.  She “told her”.  Again, order is noted for importance of events to the writer.  Most important for Mrs. Anthony is stating she commanded her daughter to act, Mrs. Anthony was in control.  Second most important is what she said, take me to Caylee.  Again, Caylee is of secondary importance to Mrs. Anthony’s desire to control.  When the car was “my” car, it was more important than Caylee.  Why?  Because taking the car back from Casey Anthony gave Mrs. Anthony power over her, it put Mrs. Anthony in control.  Power and control are of the utmost importance to Mrs. Anthony.  The 911 calls were about Cindy Anthony gaining power and control over Casey Anthony.  Telling Attorney Morgan she would no longer answer questions and would not wear a microphone was a bid to establish power and control over the deposition process.  Telling George Anthony and Brad Conway not to tell her she could not pray was Cindy Anthony stating she was in control.

“When I called the police” – Another reference to time, one which allows Mrs. Anthony to skip over a myriad of events.

“she finally stated Caylee was missing” – Why did Mrs. Anthony call 911?  To secure help in the search for Caylee?  No, to force Casey Anthony to “finally” state “Caylee was missing”.  Casey “finally” states, indicating more went on beforehand, other statements were made, there was an expectation on the part of Cindy Anthony this statement would be the outcome.

“Caylee was missing” – The most important word in this phrase is “was”.  Caylee “was” missing.  Mrs. Anthony is writing this statement because the police are at her home responding to her three 911 calls and her plea to find her missing granddaughter, yet she writes “Caylee was missing”.  At the time this statement was written, Caylee was not missing in the mind of Mrs. Anthony.  Something happened between the time she made the third hysterical 911 call with the excited utterances of a dead body smell in the car and of her granddaughter being missing, and the writing of this statement which moved Caylee from missing to “was missing” in her mind.

“I last saw my granddaughter Sun June 8th” – Strong statement with no extra words, yet this is a factual lie.  Another reference to time which tracks back to the time frame Mrs. Anthony claims Casey Anthony “told” her Caylee was in Jacksonville, but not to the last date Mrs. Anthony saw Caylee.

“Casey for the last month has told me that Caylee has been with her” – More time references.  Sensitivity to time is overwhelming in this statement.  Casey is named for the first time in the statement.  She is no longer “my daughter”, but “Casey”.  The use of “that” indicates sensitivity to where Caylee has been.  This may not be what Casey Anthony told Mrs. Anthony.

“She refused to let me speak with her” – Casey Anthony would not let her mother speak with Caylee by phone.  Cindy Anthony was not in control.  Casey Anthony was in control.  Cindy Anthony attempted to force Casey Anthony to bring the car home in order to reverse this situation and re-establish control.

“because she said I would upset her” – Would Mrs. Anthony upset Caylee?  We don’t know, but Mrs. Anthony claims this was the reasoning given by Casey Anthony for exercising her control over Cindy Anthony.  Or does “her” refer to Casey Anthony?  Cindy Anthony speaking to Caylee Anthony would upset Casey Anthony.

“I found Casey with her friend Tony @ his appt. around 730P” – Earlier in the statement, Amy Huizenga led Mrs. Anthony to Tony Lazzaro’s apartment, now Mrs. Anthony “found” Casey Anthony there.  Tony Lazarro is no longer Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, but just a friend.  It is important to Mrs. Anthony to let the police know she found Casey Anthony with Tony Lazzaro instead of just where she was found.  Another reference to time is noted.

We have learned Mrs. Anthony knew nothing of Casey Anthony’s life away from the Anthony house.

We have learned Mrs. Anthony considers the car and her control over Casey Anthony to be more important than the welfare of Caylee Anthony.

We have learned Mrs. Anthony did not believe Caylee Anthony was missing at the time she wrote this statement late in the day on July 15, 2008, the same day Caylee was first reported missing by Cindy Anthony.


34 Responses to “Did Cindy Anthony Ever Believe Caylee Anthony Was Missing?”

  1. Molly October 7, 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Cindy later claims under oath that casey did not refuse to let her talk to Caylee. she claims that Caylee was either not immediately available (off playing or something) or she was not with casey at the times of her phone conversations. Cindy also said that she did not feel that casey was keeping her from talking to Caylee in any way. hmmm, well, this will be interesting . . . .

    • bullstopper October 7, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

      Any chance you have a link to a document or video of Cindy’s testimony?

      Or do you know the date? I can probably find it.

      I would think if we looked at all of her police interviews and depositions, we would find a different version in every one. The stories would be similar, but the specific words would be different. Liars have a hard time keeping their stories straight over time.

      Could be a great series of future articles.

  2. Diana October 7, 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    Cindy said she didn’t feel that Casey kept Caylee from talking to her….it was always just an inoportune time to talk to her……… that’s all. She said this on the stand at Caseys first bond hearing when LDB was questioning her. That video is MIA and has been for about a year, but none of us can figure out WHY?

    • bullstopper October 8, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

      As far as I can determine, you are right, this video is gone never to return.


  3. Jill from Western Australia October 8, 2010 at 6:49 am #

    Hi Mr. Stopper, Molly and Diana,

    I have always suspected that there was a particularly heated verbal fight between CA & KC on Fathers Day. IMO CA gave KC an ultimatum…get a job OR get out BUT leave Caylee with us.

    KC stormed out [with Caylee] stating that CA would never see them again.

    After about a week the reality of her threat dawned on CA who then began trying to reason with her spiteful daughter. Sadly Caylee was already dead but KC had no other option than to continue her deception.

    I don’t think CA knew that Caylee was missing until just before her third phone call…this was when the reality set in. I beleive GA knew Caylee was dead when he arrived home that night but as this was a totally alien scenario both he and CA buried their heads in the sand refusing to believe that their daughter murdered Caylee.

    Within days the Milsteads showed them how to make money off a missing child…and so the scam began…..

    • bullstopper October 8, 2010 at 8:19 am #

      I think the fight on Father’s Day was the second part of a fight which began one week before. KC left the house on June 8th, which Cindy reported as the last time she saw her granddaughter. After a week, KC came back to the house, Cindy took Caylee to see her father in the nursing home. When she returned home, she and Caylee swam, KC appeared, the fight started again instigated by Cindy refusing to let KC swim with the two of them. Cindy was convinced of her power and control over KC because she came home. Cindy was wrong. KC left again, killed Caylee later in the night.

  4. Jill from Western Australia October 8, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    I like your scenario Mr. Stopper :mrgreen:

    I suspect that CA said things that she regretted during these fights and was in “suck-up” mode during her talks/texts with KC for the next month. Had she been in her normal “controlling mode” she would have demanded to see Caylee instead of pleading with KC.

    I also believe that CA thinks that her own vitriol led [in part] to KC killing Caylee. I suspect this is the reason she is outwardly showing support for her daughter when they are both in public, that plus maintaining her own image which is high on her list of priorities. We have seen her constant “digs” at KC in the letters that she wrote to her, IMO these show us her real personality.
    When KC is found guilty I wonder if CA will be relieved?

  5. offthecuff October 8, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    Jill, if CA’s image depends upon KC’s situation, then I’m not sure if CA will feel relief when KC is convicted, unless CA exonerates herself from her secondary involvement in the deed. I imagine the defense will push hard at CA control, exposing her to the world, again.

  6. Carol October 8, 2010 at 12:53 pm #

    Hi Bull. Is this the vid you wanted; Sindy at the bond testimony hearing? 7-22-08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqccQJpuKVU

    • bullstopper October 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

      Thanks for the link.

      Close, but not quite. This links to the first part of Cindy’s testimony, but apparently she says something about KC allowing or not allowing her to talk to Caylee during the 31 days during the second part when the prosecution questions here. After reading Diana’s comment last night, I started searching and she is right, the second half is mysteriously missing and I can’t find any transcripts of the hearing. I found several other interesting video from the same day. In one, Cindy talks with news reporters and says her concern is she doesn’t want anyone thinking KC is a bad mother. Caylee is still missing at the time of this comment, but the concern is for what people think about KC. I will probably do a post about that one.

  7. B-Man October 8, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    First time reader and poster. I have read many “blog” sites and i find it compelling how people write. I like your writings as its a disection of what was said which brings a new aspect to the whole story.

    I find it interesting how you titled the piece-Did Cindy Ever Believe Caylee was missing? you surmize that she did not know but when she posts on the Facebook page that someone has her Caylee and she has been taken i think she had some inkling that she was missing. Whether or not she could accept it is obviously a point of contention as she wears ashes around her neck of Caylee but when pressed she still believes she is alive. This is a woman with many problems and, if i may be so bold, convictions.

    The family dynamic is a psychiatrist dream and could be his/her lifes work. But i digress…off to read some more!

    • Carol October 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

      Great observations B-Man. You’re going to love this guy and site.

    • bullstopper October 8, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

      Interesting comment about the facebook entry.

      I think you may be referencing her myspace entry, which can be seen with analysis here: http://seamusoriley.blogspot.com/2010/09/cindy-anthonys-myspace-entry.html

      I personally believe the statements by Cindy are a verbal attack on KC and do not indicate Cindy had any idea Caylee was missing or dead.

      Although I believe Cindy has worked since late day 31 to cover for KC, I do not think she could imagine prior to retrieving the car Caylee might be in physical danger.

      But, by the time she made her written statement, she had reasoned for herself or been told KC did this to Caylee. She suspected earlier, which is why she washed the items from the car and attempted to eliminate the stench. She disassociated herself from her suspicions to such a degree, she flipped out on the third 911 call. But she changed by the time she made the written statement. Something happened between the time the police were called and she wrote the statement which convinced her Caylee was no longer missing.

      • B-Man October 8, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

        I think CA imposed (or imposes) a vision of their relationship (her and KC) to the public and in her mind, possibly to help her sleep…I do not think they had a good mother daughter relationship and Caylee complicated that relationship (not complicate in a bad way) Cindy bestowed upon Caylee what her ideal relationship should’ve been w/ KC and that’s what irritated KC. That’s why, IMO, she was not searching for KC she was looking for Caylee on her My Space Page (thanks for correcting me).

        As for the washing of clothes, i am not sure…i think CA freaked, obviously on the 3rd 911 call, but on one hand she washed the clothes as a motherly thing but because of how everything has unfolded i agree with your point that she did it to hide evidence and that was her leaping off point to try and salvage the relationship between her and KC.

        As to that “something”-KC probably just told her that Caylee was with the nanny i dont think the kidnapping scenario was formulated till long after. I do thing CA embelished the story to make it more grand which, IMO, has complicated KC defense.

        I think everyone knows and has read into what happened on this night so i am really not adding anything new but i wonder if CA and KC were estranged, in the literal sense, would this have played out different?

  8. Carol October 8, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

    Good points B-Man. As strange as that family is/was, they actually wrote to each other on their Myspace and they lived in the same house! How wierd is that?! Whoa!
    As Bull stated, Sindy didn’t have a clue as to WF’s friends and she didn’t want to know what went on with her. Sindy didn’t like her.

    • B-Man October 8, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

      Exactly Carol!! Communication between family members living in the same house should not go through a My Space or Facebook account…that like texting to a person in the same room or texting for that matter in which you could be just talking…technology, you gotta love to hate it:~)

  9. bullstopper October 8, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    KC had been telling Cindy for hours Caylee was with Zanny, so this is not what was said between the 911 call and writing the statement.

    Cindy moved from “Caylee is missing” (a child is missing and must be found, immediate action required) to “Caylee was missing” (a child was, but is no longer, missing, the whereabouts of the child are known, no police intervention or searches required, all is well)in the span of a few hours.

    Whatever Cindy learned caused her to stop looking for Caylee and give up on her original goal of retrieving Caylee. A child with a babysitter who has not been seen in 31 days and cannot be contacted is still missing.

    Cindy does try to sell the cops a kidnapping story, but they don’t buy it. I was watching a video last night which will probably make it into an article soon where Cindy defines the word kidnapping, explains why Caylee missing is a kidnapping, says the FBI will not investigate as a kidnapping, and how she believes law enforcement adversely affected the search by not calling this crime a kidnapping.

    Yet, even though Cindy would have the world believe Caylee was kidnapped, she “was” missing, but no longer missing the day she was reported missing.

  10. Just A Mom October 8, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

    Hi Bull,
    This site is becoming a regular stop for me. Months ago, someone on one of the blogs stated how they would love if what the Anthony’s said/say would be taken apart line by line….and, well here it is!
    I like your theory of the fight between Cindy and Casey really starting on the 8th of June and June 15th was the second part of the fight. I’ve never been able to figure out why June 8th was so important to the Anthony’s. Casey was firm on “31 days”, but counting back from July 15 to June 8th is 36 days. 31 days is even wrong, it is really 29 days. Cindy, George and Casey all claimed June 8th was the last day they saw Caylee alive until the police corrected them after finding the Father’s Day video.
    I’m now starting to believe Caylee was murdered on the 15th; mainly because the Anthony’s have worked so hard to deflect attention from that specific date.
    Great site!

    • bullstopper October 9, 2010 at 6:21 pm #

      Thanks for reading.

      I’ve always thought Caylee was murdered late in the night of the 15th, possibly early morning 16th.

  11. Nevada October 9, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Hi Bullstopper & all,

    I’m curious about the week before Father’s Day and where Casey & Caylee were staying at night, if not at home. I believe they stayed with Ricardo the night of June 9th, but where after that, if the first time Casey reappeared on Hopespring that week was to hand Caylee off to Cindy for the trip to see Mr. Plesea?

    Anyone know where Casey’s cell phone pinged during the overnight hours that week?

    • bullstopper October 9, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

      You can find a timeline here:


      Cell phone pings and discussion here:


      The pings at night center around the Anthony home. I believe KC and Caylee were sleeping in her car, KC refusing to return home while her parents were there.

      Cindy seems to be the one who picked the date of June 9 and I think it was because for her, the separation from Caylee did begin on June 9.

      However, June 9 could have been a family plot to throw off the investigation. As we have seen in this article, Cindy no longer felt Caylee was missing by the time she wrote this statement.

      If you look carefully at the scan of the statement, the information at the top of the date of offense and name of Zeneida are not written by Cindy. I believe they are written by Lee.

      Here is a link to Lee’s handwritten statement. Look carefully at the name Zeneida in the block for offender and repeated in the main body of text. They appear identical to me.


      Meaning Lee filled in the top of his mother’s statement. Meaning Lee was in on the June 9th plot. If there was a plot.

      But imagine someone had been dumb enough to step forward as the last person to see Caylee and the video was never found? Who do you think Jose would be Kronking right now?

      Let’s not forget the last guy who says he did Caylee alive… here is George’s statement which appears to have been started by Lee as well.


      • Nevada October 9, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

        I tried to nail down her whereabouts overnight that week based on cell phone ping maps:

        Friday, June 6th, she stayed out all night (Fusian & with Tony L) and returned to Hopespring area around 5:00am
        Saturday, June 7th, she stayed at Ricardo’s
        Sunday, June 8th, Hopespring area
        Monday, June 9th, Ricardo’s
        Tuesday, June 10th, Hopespring area
        Wednesday, June 11th, Hopespring area
        Thursday, June 12th, Hopespring area
        Friday, June 13th, she stayed out a good portion of the night (Fusian, etc.) and returned to Hopespring area around 3:15am
        Saturday, June 14th, Hopespring area
        Sunday, June 15th, I couldn’t find a ping map from about 345pm through midnight, but she was in the Hopespring area after midnight through late afternoon on Monday, June 16th

        I have a random theory that the ‘big fight’ on Father’s Day between KC and CA was the result of CA spending the day with Caylee, and prying some tidbits out of her about what Casey was up to.

        Your theory of them sleeping in the car those nights the preceding week would certainly be a ‘tidbit’ that if shared by Caylee with Cindy, could have precipitated a fight on Father’s Day evening.

        My guess is if there was a big fight on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15th), there were two prior fights, one on Saturday, June 7th, because she stayed out all night, and another on Monday, June 9th. Both those nights she inexplicably stayed at Ricardo’s.

        I’m not much of a sleuth, so these are just random thoughts about what might have happened, when.

  12. Nevada October 9, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    Apologies if I took this thread off-topic! I got all wrapped up in what might’ve happened the week prior to Caylee’s disappearance, lol.

    • bullstopper October 9, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

      No apologies necessary.

      I have no rules here other than to be civil to one another and no bad language as children can access these pages.

      I agree about Cindy discovering something from Caylee on the 15th.

      The fight also has something to do with the pool. KC came home and wanted to swim with Cindy and Caylee who were in the pool and Cindy chose to leave the pool saying Caylee had been in long enough.

      I kind of think the pool sparked the argument, which escalated into Cindy calling KC a bad mother.

      I get the idea they spent the nights in the car from the large amount of food container debris in the trash bag and trunk, as well as the utensils. Surely, KC was not lugging the utensils in and out of Ricardo and Tony’s apartments while she cooked them food after Caylee was gone. No, she used them the week of the 9th to feed herself and Caylee.

      Of course, all this is purely my speculation.

  13. Carol October 9, 2010 at 8:36 pm #

    Hi Nevada. Wow. Great sleuthing on your part! Don’t worry, Bull loves this stuff.

  14. B-Man October 11, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    i think if there was an argument in the pool it would be the tip of the….planet as an iceburg is too small.

    if you believe that Caylee, who by now was probably talking pretty well, was starting to unravel the “wool over the eyes”. Granted we can only speculate what happened but one thing i thought necessary is therapy for the family as they dont seem to be a unit. I think George needs to realize that his failures are not “his” and to accept them and become the Alpha Male (IMO he is complacenet because of his failures in life and CA holds it over his head IMO). Cindy needs to allow her husband access to his testes (kid friendly i hope) and come together for their grand-daughter. Caylee is the victim not KC. Cindy has been the patriarch far to long and his overlooked many things including the embelishment of lies streamlined by their daughter.

    It is obvious that something is truely eating at GA and it is apparent when GA and CA are sitting together at these news conferences talking only of KC and her predicament, they need to be reminded that she is in jail because she murdered Caylee. Do not think that evil can not be found in beauty. Do not think that honesty spews with family. IMO GA knows what has happened and is afraid of what he knows, CA…well CA is an enigma as i dont get her????? LA, i think he has a profound love of his sister and thats his conflict; his idle smiles and laughter many weeks ago at the hearing is evident of his conflict and his laughs were merrily a sign of frustration and a way to deal with stressful situations (IMO).

    At the age of 13 the most influential people in life are the friends; parents know very little of their childs personal life (even though i wish i did) and girls (I hope i dont offend anyone) are the most secretive and will hide the most. KC was a master of this and the parents need to accept that. Now i say this to say this; if her friends realized that she was a liar why is it so hard to accept??

  15. jon October 11, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    What I’ve always wanted to know is that if Cindy and George were supporting Casey and Caylee, why they didn’t ask: a: why Casey needed to hire a nanny and, b: how could she afford one. seems obvious to me that they had to know there was never a Zanny the Nanny.

  16. Caroline October 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm #


    This site and your peaces are very good. You put statement analysis in the shade. I had to stop posting on the thread there because of that idiot who kept impersonating me,and all the dribble they were cutting and pasting. Never mind cos little old me is determined to find out the identity of that crazy poster. Upsetting my chats with Jeanie is something I don’t take lightly at all. hummmmmmmmm.

  17. Carol October 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi B-Man. True. Sindy took, packed up and gave away George’s balls, years ago. He does like to stay home and be pool boy, lawn boy and car maintenance guy though.
    George knows damn well what happened and how to Caylee. He is afraid that Sindy will kick him to the curb- again, if he doesn’t follow her lead and put up with her mouth. Ballitis, or lack of.
    Brother Flea is a freak, any way you slice him. He is one weird guy, CMA, CMA. Yuck!

  18. Carol October 11, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    Hi jon. George went to one job that the murderer said she worked at and they said she didn’t work there. Can’t remember which one. George told Sindy and she told him to stay out of it. Sindy knew all along that she didn’t work. It was just an easier way for Sindy to not kick the bitch out of the house and file for custody of Caylee. Then, Sindy would have to pay for child care and she hates paying her money out for bills. They both knew damn well that she wasn’t working and just went along with the nanny BS to not cause any more fights in that weird house. They let her carry on her life of lies and deceit.
    If she was working, I’m sure somewhere along the line they would have seen a check pay stub, or how ’bout filing for any income taxes? Nada, nothing, no nanny.

    • bullstopper October 11, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

      But she had a lanyard! Cindy saw it! KC wore it when she left the house!

      • Carol October 11, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

        Too bad she didn’t hang herself with it!! We wouldn’t be here today!

  19. Rosie October 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm #

    I love your writing style Bull & all the feedback is very enlightening!

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