Does Jose Baez Have a Hat and If So, Where Does He Hang It?

7 Oct

In this article, we will explore a true rarity, the Baez Truthful Statement.  Only under extreme conditions of stress does this wee beastie ever make an appearance.  Enjoy the wonderment now which, like the beauty of a snowflake, quickly evaporates.

During a short interview with Kathi Belich, the comment we will focus on slipped from the tongue of Mr. Baez.  Video of the event may be found at the following link:

Jose Baez: “I don’t expect you to believe anything.”

There you have it.  This is the story we have all been waiting for which will astonish everyone and bring understanding and a not guilty verdict.

Special Reader Activities: How many questions can you count which Mr. Baez avoids answering?  Avoiding an answer is giving an answer.  How many times does he avoid answering the same question posed in different ways?  Does he ever say “yes” or “no”?  How many times does Mr. Baez open the door as if to leave the interview only to continue talking, but not answering questions?  Is there a particular comment you believe we should explore?

We have learned Mr. Baez has a problem with hats and where he hangs them. He is uncomfortable with Ms. Belich seeing where he hangs his hats.  Mr. Baez may not have a hook on which to hang is hat.


One Response to “Does Jose Baez Have a Hat and If So, Where Does He Hang It?”

  1. Rosie October 24, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    Sorry Bull, I tried… TWICE… to listen & count questions Baez avoids answering… LOL Both times I was sucked into all that double talk nonsense… sorry, I failed! Go Kathy!

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